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Our 3D web configurator enables photorealistic customisation of any product. Combined with our CRM solution, we help you build up your ROI, whilst providing an extraordinary customer experience.

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Threedium Stack

Threedium 3D Web Platform

Threedium offers a wide range of solutions based on 3D technology for an enhanced interactive visualisation of your products and services, as well as CRM and 3D advertising strategies.

3D Web Configurator

Present your products & services with an immersive 3D Visualisation software that will engage your customers.

3D Advertising

Boost your brand awareness and captivate your customers with interactive 3D ads.

CRM & Sales

The Threedium web platform provides an intuitive CRM to help you manage your leads and send tailored messages to each prospect.

3D Web configurator

Web-based 3D product configurator with customisation options for a superior customer experience.

Use our 3D product visualisation and guided selling to reduce abandonment from the sales process.

We can recreate the craftsmanship of your products with our 3D experience and directly embed it into your website. Enable your customers to become part of the design process and easily configure custom designs and choose attributes such as colour, texture, parts and other product features.

Provide your customers with an extraordinary shopping experience with our real-time 3D product customisation with an integrated instant pricing solution.

Our interactive 3D configurator can be easily integrated into any e-commerce platform, engaging your customers and enhancing your online presence.

Understand your customers better with the insights we obtain through our customer data and analytics. See which features of your products are trending, what colours are desired, and what your customers are mostly looking at. We enable you to see how much time was spent on each configuration step and allow you to comprehend your customer behaviour.

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3D Advertising

Gain significant increase in ROAS and lower your bounce rate with interactive 3D content.

Revolutionise your branding and advertising activities with our tailored 3D solutions.

Deliver emotional content for digital, interactive marketing and sales experiences across all channels.

Our 3D advertising campaigns are completely ad-block proof whilst attracting more traffic and lowering the bounce rate. At the same time, we can provide you with valuable customer insights such as:

- Click-through rate

- Interaction-time per user

- Location per user

- User’s on-site browsing behaviour

Stay a step ahead of your competitors with our 3D interactive banners, while keeping your customers engaged.

CRM & Sales

Manage your prospects and customers with full control over the entire sales process.

Lead Nurturing and Sales made easy.

The Threedium web platform with an integrated CRM tool helps you to compile your customers and personalise your sales process. Organise and manage your prospects obtained through our 3D configurator and tailor the services you provide for each customer, sending out personalised emails and strengthening the connection with each individual customer.

Automated smart proposals, instant pricing and CPQ solutions (Configure, Price, Quote), save you time by letting you react immediately to customer enquiries.

Our customer data collected through the 3D configurator can be tailored to match your key performance indicators.

Increase your online sales and footfall to stores today.

Start innovating with Threedium today.

Make your company and products stand out by joining the Threedium web platform and begin your 3D journey!

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