Apoel FC launches the World's first interactive 3D ad to boost their online sales

The past season has been quite successful for Apoel FC and they are now playing in the Champions League. Taking advantage of this situation, they considered that it is a good moment to promote and increase sales of their new season T-shirts. Apoel FC wanted to try something new and decided to run a campaign with Threedium’s 3D banners. The results, only after 15 days, were outstanding: 2700 interactions, 300% higher sales, and a conversion rate of 35%.

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Apoel Football LTD is a company handling all activities regarding the management, operation and marketing strategy of the Apoel football club. Apoel Football LTD is a company whose core activities include management, operation and commercial sales of Apoel branded merchandise. Apoel FC was founded in 1926 and it is the most popular and most successful club in Cyprus. They are also regular participants in major UEFA competitions. Apoel Football LTD has a responsibility to maintain the Apoel brand and engage supporters through various activities such as selling branded merchandise, holding events, promoting games and introducing new T-shirts every season.


Every year, the Apoel LTD marketing department is in pursuit of innovative ways to promote the T-shirts for the upcoming season and engage supporters.

After being a regular contestant in the UEFA Europe League, this season Apoel FC competes in the Champions League where they will face some of the big names such as Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund. The fans are really excited as the club has big ambitions for the future.

This season, Apoel FC wanted to try something new in order to create a stronger bond between the Club and its fans.
After carefully considering their inbound and outbound strategy, they came to the conclusion that they needed something that would enhance their digital presence and promote their online shop unlike any other football club has up to date. They wanted something different from traditional online advertisements. Apoel was looking for a solution that would raise brand awareness, engage supporters, while being digitally innovating.



Clicks on Buy
3x Times Sold


35% Conversion Rate


T-shirts sold
66.4% ROI

The 3D advertisement launched on Apoel’s website on September 14 th . The interactive 3D banner was a customisable model of the new season T-shirt

How we helped

Apoel FC has chosen the innovative approach by Threedium to advertise their new season shirts with interactive 3D banners. What stood out from traditional ads, apart from the ad being 3, is that the 3D banner is directly integrated into the website code, meaning it can’t be stopped by ad blockers. Furthermore, the 3D banner provides valuable data such as:

This way the Apoel LTD marketing team could review the results of their advertising campaign with ease.

The 3D ad itself offered the following features:

In order to match these high ambitions, the marketing department of Apoel LTD started looking for ways to promote new T-shirts for the 2017/18 season on their website and official online store.

They turned to Threedium as they had a solution that was right for their advertising strategy as well as completely different from any other Football Club. The goal of the campaign was to increase online engagement, online conversions, and footfall to bric- and-mortar stores. After running the 3D banner campaign on their website, the outcome after 15 days is as follows:

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