Threedium 3D Advertising

Engage your customers with the world’s very first interactive 3D Advertisements.
Run a 3D campaign to increase your traffic and to maximise your online sales.


The Next Big Thing in advertising

The latest in innovation and digital solutions for your brand. Reduce your bounce rate and increase your ROAS.

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Attract, amaze, interact! transform your brand in 3D

The Threedium 3D advertisements can be synchronised with your inbound/outbound marketing plan to attract more customers.

Tell your brand’s story through our interactive 3D banners. Grasp your customer’s attention with the latest technology in interactive advertising.

Our 3D banners have shown to achieve a 160% higher purchase intent, 68% click-through rate, and an average interaction time of 25s.

Stand out from the crowd with our 3D Banners

Grab your customer's attention unlike regular and traditional banners.

Our 3D banners are immune to ad blockers, ensuring your customers won’t miss out on your latest products.

We’ve achieved excellent results for Apoel FC who introduced new season shirts through our 3D banners. Check out our case study to see the outstanding effect our 3D banners had on their shirt sales.

Measure the success of your advertising campaigns

Gain access to important information and find out whether your advertising plan is performing as it should and get valuable insights on your prospects.

Our 3D advertisements can provide you with the following metrics:

  • - Click-through rates
  • - Interaction time per user
  • - Demographics & Location per user
  • - User on-site browsing behaviour*

* Once a customer interacts with our 3D banner, we can see what the customer looks at on your website, what keywords they input/look for and much more.

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A flexible revenue model

Choose what works best for you.

Depending on the goals and the anticipated outcome of your 3D advertising campaign, you can opt for one of the following revenue models:

  • - Fixed fee per Ad
  • - Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM)
  • - Cost per Lead (CPL)
  • - Cost per Engagement (CPE)

Create memorable and interactive 3D advertisements with Threedium

Attract more traffic, generate more leads, and improve your sales through our 3D banners.

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