Threedium 3D Web Configurator

The 3D web configurator brings your products to life, helping customers to make the purchasing decision.
Enjoy the benefits of a responsive and photorealistic 3D product configurator.

Interactive 3D experience & personalisation in real-time.

Meet the needs of your customers and engage them with an immersive 3D experience that allows them to gain a deeper connection to the product as they become part of the design process.

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Your very own E-Business in 3D

Our WebGL run 3D configurator can be integrated into any e-commerce platform without plug-ins

Visually captivate your customers with our 3D product configurator and let them interact with your products as if it were right before them.Remove the gap between expectation and reality by enabling your customers to experience your product from any angle and view any configuration instantly.

Automate your sales with integrated payment and order solutions.

Show your products and services in the most realistic way with our 3D product configurator

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Enhanced visualisation and real-time customisation for an exceptional customer experience.

Our 3D models can be repurposed thousands of times in any material, colour, environment, and configuration. It can also be further repurposed for virtual reality, video and interactive web demonstrations. Try doing that with a 2D image!

We are able to visualise products in various industries such as: Jewellery, watches, fashion, aviation, marine, and many more.

Don’t keep your customers guessing what your product is like, let them experience your product with the Threedium 3D configurator.

Cross-browser / Multi-device experience

The Threedium 3D configurator can be installed onto any device and run on various browsers supporting all CAD 3D model formats.

Our 3D configurator can visualise your products on different platforms and various channels. Through WebGL technology, our 3D configurator is embedded directly into the HTML code meaning it is integrated without any plug-ins.

Interact with your customers in many ways (web-based, point-of-sales tool, IOS and Android apps on mobile) with payment/order fulfilment solutions and data analytics for smoother and targeted sales.

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Steady growth

We are constantly improving our technology and with us, you will too.

By choosing the Threedium solutions, you will receive support from a dedicated account team. Receive regular material and colour updates with additional feature upgrades. Overtime our 3D Configurator will be optimised, improving the render quality and the loading time.

Threedium at your service.

  • - Integration into any ERP, CRM, and CMS software solution
  • - Implementation plan for 3D Configurator including recommended activities once the project goes live.
  • - Flexible pricing structure
  • - Photorealistic rendering
  • - CPQ - instant pricing generation and smart proposals creation.

Enhance your customer journey with the Threedium 3D configurator and improve your sales.

Product visualisation software that offers convenience and engagement to your customers. Easily integrated into any e-commerce platform - get in touch and become part of the fast growing trend.

Step into the 3D reality.

Threedium Inovation

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