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Threedium CRM&SALES solutions help you create a strong bond with your customers at every stage of the sales process.

Give your business a third dimension with threedium all-in-one web platform

Everything you need from product visualisation/customisation to lead management and sales.

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Manage your leads and boost sales with Threedium 3D WEB platform

In order to sell, you need to know your customers.

Threedium CRM&SALES software automates customer data allowing you to offer tailored services to every client.

Have all the information and documents on your customers in one place. Based on their interaction with the 3D configurator, your services will be automatically personalised. By tracking customer communication through different channels, you will be able to offer smart proposals, guided selling and instant pricing.

Full synchronisation with Gmail and Outlook to always be up to date with your customers’ journey.

Upgrade your business with Threedium CRM&SALES software.

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Smart proposals for smarter selling

Gain full automation of the sales process with proposals instantly tailored to every customer. Preparing quotes and placing orders are made simple and efficient. With unparalleled accuracy.

Your sales department will be able to offer tailored quotes based on products personalised during the customers’ interaction with the 3D configurator.

With smart proposals, fulfil the needs of every client.

Shorter decision-making cycle with less abandonment from sales

Be more efficient with email marketing automation and lead nurturing after the 3D configurator has been used by a prospect.

While customising the sales process to your customers’ wishes, Threedium CRM&SALES will reduce costs and make your revenue grow.

Use guided selling solutions to create an efficient and easy path-to-purchase for your customers.

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Speed up your sales process

Save time with our Real-time pricing solutions and reflect any change made by a prospect using the 3D configurator. Allowing you an instant response to customer enquires.

It’s not just about the speed, it’s also about accuracy. Use smart revenue management to eliminate errors in complex pricing and quoting processes, with full control over different product margins.

Personalisation of big data analytics lets you measure KPIs throughout the entire sales process.


With a 3D configurator, an integrated CRM&SALES tool and a creative team, boost your branding and enhance customer service

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